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What Do You Think of Max Factor Products? – وش رأيكم بمنتجات ماكس فاكتور؟

الصراحة أنا قبل ما كنت ذاك الزود على منتجات ماكس فاكتور .. كنت أحسها تجارية نوعاً ما، وقبل فترة جتني هدية حلوة هي روج و محدد و غلوس و مناكير من ماكس فاكتور
تبون الصدق حبيتها مرة، الألوان حلوة و المنتجات جودتها زينة و ناوية أجرب منتجات زيادة منهم إن شاء الله

Honestly I wasn’t a huge fan of Max Factor, I used to believe that their products are kind of commercial. Well, a few weeks ago I got this lovely gift consisting of a lipstick, lip liner, lip gloss and nail polish .. all Max Factor. Frankly, They’re are not bad at all! actually i loved the colors and quality and am considering trying more products from Max Factor.

Lips stick – Star Dust Pink 615
Lip liner – 02 Petal
Lip gloss – 09 Pink Impetuous
Nail polish – 15 Glam Green

ولو إني حالياً أستخدم ماسكارا سموكي لاش من (إكسترا بلاك) من ميك أب فوريفير زينة والله و ما تطيح الرموش.. بس ودي بعد أجرب ماسكارا 2000 كالوري من ماكس فاكتور الرفيوز عليها مرة حلوة

Although am using Smoky Lash Mascara from Make up forever (Extra Black), which has a great effect and very lash-friendly, but I would love to try 2000 Calorie Mascara from Max Factor as it’s got great reviews!

أما الفاونديشن فأنا أستخدم حالياً دوبل وير لايت من إستي لودر .. رااااائع و مرة خفيف! و يقولون ماكس فاكتور عندهم فاونديشن اسمه سكوند سكن يعتبر من أفضل 10 فاونديشنات في حسب توصيات كثير من خبيرات الماكياج .. وعندهم بعد إيج ليس إليكسر فانوديشن + سيروم

Now in regards of foundation, am currently using Double Wear Light from Estee Lauder which is AMAZING and very light. However, am considering trying out Max Factor Second Skin foundation which made it to top 10 foundation list by many beauty experts. Another new-in foundation is Max Factor Ageless Elixir 2 in 1 foundation + serum.

عاد بنسأل خبيرة التجميل الجميلة  اللي نصايحها من ذهب واللي ما شاء الله عليها جمعت بين المعرفة والذوق
وش تنصحينا فيه من ماكس فاكتور؟؟

So I figured I’d forward the inquiries to the amazing make-up counselor
who combines knowledge and elegance to give us her valuable  recommendations of Max Factor products ..

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  1. I would love to try Max factory’s products believe it or not I do not own anythingggggg from max factor LOL did you find them here in Riyadh? From the looks of it I think I like the nail polish.. I know they have good foundations I’ve heard a lot about them.. Thank you Lama for your post looking forward to the next one! Xx

    1. Loooooool is that even possible my beauty diva?! 😀
      No, I actually got this gift from Dubai ..
      and yeah the nail polish is REALLY good.
      thanks for ur prompt reply darling 😀 please keep us posted when you try any ..

  2. Lolo habeby. I tried their foundation long time ago it was really light with great coverage. Got it from boots london but i think they have it now at debenhams

  3. Hey HunZ..

    Just saw ur posts…

    Lama luved the nail polish *)

    back in college i used max factor foundation it was so amazing with a nice coverage and light touch..

    Ive been using it for 5 years ..

    Now iam using thier golden pressed compact poweder after trying many brands

    Starting from Channel ,Dior,Mac,estee luader ,Bobby Brown,Kaniboo

    Honstly max factors pressed powder is the best..

    Two days back i bought thier lip tint color in pink which gives natural look.

    Didnt try it yet but ill update u once i do

    Thanks & stay healthy

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