Daring Neon – نيون الإنطلاق

Top: Massimo Dutti
Nail polish: Golden Rose 207

أحلى شي بالصيف إن الواحد يلبس ألوان فاتحة وينتعش و الغلقة تروح منه
What i most like about summer is the light colours that freshen you up and make you feel a thousand times better.

والحمد لله إن النيون رجع يصير موضة لإني من عشاقه و يذكرني بأيام المراهقة و محل تريو اللي بمركز نجود لوول كان هو المحل الوحيد اللي ماشي على الموضة وكل بنات المدرسة عنده
The comeback of neon is just so much fun Lol I am a genuine fan! it warms my heart with teenage memories of Trio Store in Nujood mall which was the only shop back then that was fashionably updated! and all school chicks were serious clientele there ;p

صورت لكم كم قطعة عندي تشيهكم بالنيون .. و نقيت لكم خيارات ثانية تلاقونها أون لاين.. استمتعوا
i took some pics for of some neon items that i have just to get u in the mood of neon, followed by some online suggested items which may come to your liking. enjoy!

جبته من محل اكسسوارات  مررررة حلو في شارع بغداد في اسطنبول اسمه
Quqla Accessories
I got this from Quqla, an amazing accessories shop in Bagdat Caddesi – iStanbul

Silk top – توب حرير
Graham & Spencer

Neon cobalt blue scarf – شال نيون نيلي

Buy here – تلاقونها هنا

Buy here – تلاقونه هنا

Buy here – تلاقونه هنا

  • Nouf
    August 22, 2012

    Gr8 pics !!!!
    loved the items especially the yellow T-Shirt & Nail Polish :p ….

    • Lama
      August 22, 2012

      Looool Thaaaank u nopppeee <3

  • ever8beauty
    August 22, 2012

    Allahhhhhhhhh ya lama i love this! Lovely choices as always! Thank you <3

    • Lama
      August 22, 2012

      Ranoniii, thank yoooou am glad u liked it 😀 i spent a couple of hours editing the pics lol but i enjoyed every sec!
      I heart Neon <3

  • Alanoud
    August 22, 2012

    I looooooovvvvve colors! And I love your picks! Very fun and uplifting 😀
    Not to mention the cupcake jar on the shelf! Super cute.

    • Lama
      August 22, 2012

      LOOOOOOOOOOOL omg BELIVE IT OR NOT when i was taking the pic i was wondering: would 3anood notice the jar???
      and YOU did 😀 😀 ya allah 3anood I love u so much! Loool

      • Alanoud
        August 22, 2012

        LOOOOOOOOOOL it’s too cute to go by unnoticed! I love you more! <3

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