Carluccio’s Dubai Mall: Old is Gold – مطعم كارلوتشيوز دبي مول: قديمك نديمك

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على الرغم من إن المطاعم الحلوة في دبي مول مرة كثيرة وكل فترة يفتح مطعم جديد ..
إلا إني دايماً أحن لمطعم كارلوتشيوز
يمكن عشان جلسته الخارجية الحلوة اللي على النافورة
أو عشان أنا شخصياً من عشاق المطبخ الإيطالي
أو يمكن عشان احنا دايماً نروح له في جمعات حلوة فصار عندي ذكريات مميزة  فيه
المهم إني آخر مرة رحت له قبل برضو انبسطت فيه ولقيت إنهم عاملين تغييرات بسيطة في المنيو

طلبت طبعاً بيتزا مارغريتا و جربنا الباستا الجديدة مع كرات السبانخ .. برضو كانت طيبة
الصراحة الأكل كان لذيذ والجو لطيف والنافورة أنعشتنا بأغنية ثريلر لمايكل جاكسون

Although there are so many cuisine and restaurants options to choose from at Dubai Mall, I always have a nostalgic feeling

towards Carluccio’s. Could be because of their lovely outdoor area overviewing the musical fountain; or the fact the I am a big fan of Italian food ..

or because I always go there with a nice group, hence, it’s associated with good memories!

Last time I went there, I found some nice changes in the menu; I have ordered Margarita Pizza of course, and tried the new pasta with Spinach balls which was delicious as well.

It was a beautiful evening with yummy food, nice company, great service with refreshing  splashes from the dancing fountain on the tunes of  Thriller by Michael Jackson which unfortunately I was not able to record properly but found this cool video that I really liked.

  • chinal
    September 15, 2014

    very good recepie i have ever seen

  • Mohammad
    November 13, 2015

    I ordered futtisni in carluccis in dubai mall i found a small glasses inside my plat the things that must of the people are work there said no its a salt. I tried to testing the glasses and i confirmed it a glasses also the phillpenos guy he talk to me on roud way. His name is mark i dont advise any one to go there to this restaurant at all. In the end this the must bad experience i have in dubai the lovely things that i paid my plat hhhhhh
    I’m sorryto have this experience.

  • mohmmad
    November 13, 2015

    I visited This restaurant today at dinner and I ordered fettuccine I was surprised when I found a broken glasses in the food. however I tried to explain this no one listen to me this is a must worse experience I ever had.

    I visited the Dubai mall branch. Moreover the service was very bad. I was deal with guy name Mark.

    Its not recommended to any one to visit this restaurant

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